In order to meet federal requirements in securing customer information MEDIC EMS uses Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES) to secure our email communications. This service allows us to send encrypted messages via registered envelopes. The registered envelope is an encrypted email which may be password-protected depending on the security requirements. If the envelope is password-protected, it can only be opened by authorized recipients who authenticate themselves. If you are a first-time recipient receiving a password-protected secure envelope, you will be asked to register with the service to set the password which will be used to authenticate you.
You may have issues opening the attachment, depending on your security settings on your computer.  If you are unable to open the attachment try:

1.  Saving the attachment locally to your computer.  Then open the saved attachment.
2.  Forward the email to mobile@res.cisco.comThis would send the message to an automated hosting server to host the required programs needed for the message to load properly.

How do I know if I have Registered before?  If you do not see a rectangle Register box, then you have registered before.

CRES is used by many organizations.  If you have already Registered with CRES, just use the password you have registered with.

Below are some links to assist you:

Adobe Flash Player:(download Adobe  Flash)
CRES Introduction *Video (02:10)
CRES Registration and Activation Process(first-time users) *Video (02:12)
CRES Reply and Attachments *Video (02:12)
CRES Mobile or Computer Workaround *Video (02:46)
CRES Password Reset Process *Video (02:02)
CRES Account Management *Video (03:18)
CRES Third Party Errors *Video (02:00)
CRES Introduction *Video (02:10)
CRES Registration and Activation Process (first-time users) *Video (02:12)
CRES Third Party Errors *Video (02:00)
Please contact our Information Systems department if you are having any issues or you may use Cisco Email Chat Support:
Email: isteam@medicems.com

Phone: 563-323-6806